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The Road To The Stage

Five lessons you must not forget  when deciding to contest.

By ChulucanasGym

The look of wrestling celebrities inspired Henry hernandez to sign up a gym. "If they can, maybe I  can". He was 18 years  old then. Today he's 29.

The first time he contested was in 2013, in Chulucanas, Peru, the city he born and where he lives currently, after checking  out many magazines and movies about Arnold Schwarzenegger. "I was wondered of the body's aesthetics,"  and in Arnold's  case, he thinks his best body part is his chest, no question about it.

Lesson 1: Give Up On Your Shame and Fear
One of the thinhgs he had to bear was the people bringing him down, but he learned soon to take that easy. "Everything I heard, it went in an ear then went out the other one. I just listened to my body, moving me forward."

Another thing he had to bear was standing up semi-naked on the stage before the public, but when he watched the other  contestants did it untroubled, he felt some relief. "I'm very nervous, so I watched the other contestants performing  without much complication,  and I tried to control that  fear for following the protocols ," he confesses.

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Something worst than that? Yes! That you forget about your choreography  and the poses you had planned to do. "I just had  to concentrate myself by looking at the judges, or I closed my eyes avoiding to see the audience, I got focused on my  technique to be well performed."

Henry says as the time passed by, he has come to work  about that topic, so he hopes the next times  he have to contest, he  will superate the fear, that is natural in the other side.  Even, experienced artists say to feel it every time they have  to stand up on the stage. Inclusive, it's a signal they are doing the things right.

The mental work of a contestant is so hard, as the physical one, because has to bear these situations, too many usual among  who contest. They also have to work much their attitude, that reflexes into  their moves fluency on the stage, and ever  keeping in mind to enjoy the time a lot, even when it's about a competition. Staying up there is already a high task.

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Lesson 2: Internet is almost never right
The first time he decided to contest at Mister Piura, a state-wide contest, was in 2014, and he started to look for   information on Google to design his training strategy, but he didn't get the results he expected.

Then he understood something: what the search engines highlight is not ever true. For example, that the last days he had  to elliminate the sodium, and he ended holding liquids back. "Ones said one thing, others said another thing," Henry remembers. "The truth is I cannot put my health in risk."

Actually, the Internet doesn't lie although it might say the truth first.  What you have to do is gathering all relevant  information you can, to compare it, and to verify it with recognized and certified sources. Sometimes it's better to delay  many days  until having the full information than getting excited about what appears the first 10 seconds of research.

"Now I follow the people  who had contested and the appropriate sources," Henry affirms. 

In ChulucanasGym's case, we have a protocol  useful for you: once we gather all our data,  we consult them with scientific  sources to determine what are true, what are myths, what must be handled carefully; we discard the two last ones, and we only stand up and publish what is a scientific truth and preferently independent because many comes commercially polluted.

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Lesson 3: The Body Doesn't Only Live From Weights
In the physical level, the training and the feeding are two key aspects to care.

"I have to manage a diet that fits me because not all the bodies are equal," Henry tells. The common to all the bodies   is indeed all the diets have to balance proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins in right ratios.

If you have access to a nutritionist, you'll can get help to create  a regime made according to your needs.

Henry also eats 5-6 times per day "for the body to be metabolically active, [plus¡ much fruit, much water."

The last week before a competition, reduce the ingestion of carbohydrates although increase the frequency of consumption.  Every two hours in Henry's case. Likewise reduce the consumption of potasium and water at the point that the last day  almost don't drink liquid.

"Gotta see yourself rocky," Henry points out.

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The another aspect is compplying rigorously your training routine. The idea  during the first weeks is building muscle and stabilizing its volume as it grows up. Usually, it's about exercises with  much weight and short repetitions.

The previous weeks to a competition, the scheme changes. "I do hypertrophy exercises with low weight and many repetitions, or pumping-up  exercises to keep, for it to see more  ripped," Henry explains.

In the last weeks, much-weight exercises are not done longer, because you won't gain muscular mass yet.

Remember that two tools you ever got to have ready are the measuring tape for controlling progress in an objective way,   over body measures, and a weighing machine that doesn't lie, for controlling your weitht and being sure you belong  to the  cathegory in what you plan to contest.

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Lesson 4: Get everything Ready
The competition day usually divides in two parts: weight control and the performance itself. be aware you have in your  hands everything you need for each one of those phases.

If somebody can helps you for not carrying on everything everywhere, and relief you to take off a reason to concern by the way, will be the best.

If you are one of those who uses to forget the things in the last minute, make a written list on a copybook or your  cellphone, then write down everything you need, so when you have to carry it on, you check it out.  Of course, don't forget  the copybook or the cellphone.

If you learn to organize, everything will be easier.

Lesson 5: Don't Give Up
Despite all this preparation, Henry didn't get  any price in the last contest he entered. What went wrong? According to  him, his preparation was right but he wasn't clear about which one the judges criteria were at the qualification time.

Many contestants use to react angry when the results are not favorable to them. It's natural. But also remember there can  be many personal, external factors those don't generate a victory.

Superate the angryness, pass over the time, continue training consciously. The worst that a sportsman can do is giving up.  He is not done for that. It is not into his DNA. Then, continue superating, set up new goals, contest again.

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Remember almost never the triumph comes in the first time you try, but neither expect to get something if you never try it. They can defeat on the stage, but they never won't defeat on your attitude.

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