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So, are you motivated going to the gym?

By Eder Dioses. Photos by Jhon Gómez.

Looking yourself on the mirror, you wish to have a beautyful, healthy body. The first you think is beginning a routine at the gym.
We suggest you choose a gym on your way to the work, university or home, because one of the most ‘popular’ excuses not to go to is “it’s too far.”
Make the gym to be part of your daily routine. As you have to go working, studying, etc., you have to go training.
Coming up next, we’ll advice you for you stay at the gym pretty everlasting, comfortable, and you don’t give up on your goals.

Cost:  You must have in mind that the most expensive gym isn’t ever the best. Before signing up, you have to verify that the gym has the stuff you need to work out the best and your results, indeed.  The ideal is having the next:
Cardio apparel: Verify it has cycles and elipticals. If it doesn’t have a cardio zone, it won’t be easy you oxide fat or having optimus warming-up.
Barbells: Handlers must be in good condition.
Wide Space: Verify it. The ideal is working out not feeling how your classmate sweats beside.
Safety: Apparels must be in good condition. Machines maintenance have to be continuous. Check out that pulleys, cables and barbells be able to be used – you could have an accident.
Certified trainer:  At least, you have count with two who advice on your own routine and according to goals you wish to reach, as well as to advice on nutrition. Some gyms have a nutritionist, who is independent from the trainer. It’s not a waste of time to verify his or her professional certification.

The first days: if it is your first time at a gym, it will turn quite hard and it is probably you’ll feel scared because it is something new or unknown for you. But take it easy!
Once inside, talk to your trainer, expose your doubts, your goals. He or she must help you to clarify the whole picture.
Don’t forget to carry a towel, water, deodorant and extra clothes.

Basic moves: The first one you have to do is warming up to avoid your articulations and fibers get wounded, because you have to prepare them for a strongest exercise , to you aren’t accostummed yet.
Ride the cycle or walk on eliptical during 10-15 minutes.
If you are going to lift weight, it’s important you ask for machines right function. Intuition in this case isn’t very good. You could do things against biomechanics.

After classes:  When you finish, take a relaxing bath, wear clean clothes and go eating inmediatly. Your body is in a critic point, so it needs fuel, urgently. It needs food & protein to put again what you lost by working out.

Pain is normal: It is usual your body be completely achy for the second or the third day, even you don’t want to get back to the gym. Take it easy! It’s normal!
There’s a quote: “If it pains, it’s because you’re doing it right.” Explanation is so simple – your lactic acid levels are on top, so that’s wy it pains.
However, wake up, get back to the gym. The best medicine is submitting your muscle fibers again to physical activity.

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