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Hydratation and more

Water is good inside as well as outside. It’s not a joke neither a word game.
All who work out can’t quit the water consumption, because everyday  we must hydratate and the first reason is our body is  water in a 70% -- blood, another fluids, inner tissues, all type cells and even skin.
It’s clear the daily water consumption we must have is about 2 to 3 litres. As a reference, it uses to say that four glasses equal a litre.
Specialists we asked specify this quantity must be only this liquid. What is contained by food, especially fruits rich in water (as watermelon), don’t go to the final amount but your diet portions, depending on the time you have working out.
Nevertheless water and food is an excellent combination because they transport faster and allow your body eliminates the most everything it doesn’t need anymore, and that can make you sick. That means it’s good for food metabolism plus it regulates  excretionfunctions (sweat, urine, excrement).
In that sense, the water allows the job certain electrolytes (minerals those improve body functions as potasium –K- or magnesium –Mg-) do, happens correctly throughout blood, avoiding muscle wasting.
K and Mg are in food you consume. The water makes easier their transportation by the blood.
Of course, this happens only if your diet and exercise cycles are adequate.
Also, the water is key in a microscopic level for your body’s cells make all their functions on the right time.
Another point on all health specialists coincide is you hydratate around the clock for your kidneys purify the blood constantly.
“if yyou do it once a day, your are going to damage them because it will be a moment they can’t filter the blood and you become to increase their job – then, they’ll get sick,” one of them explained us.

Water and muscle | If you are working out to increase muscle mass, drinking water is mandatory.
Its main function is favoring muscle growing. That doesn’t mean water replaces protein but it does help to be absorbed by the organism so faster , as we told up before.
It’s important you hydratate along the day but more carefully before working out, during working out and after it.
First load must be done 20 minutes before, then during your times between series or exercises. When you sesion ends, you must hydratate inmediatly.
Because you are going to sweat, you need to refill all the liquid you lose for avoiding the body doesnpt work faster and you get tired inmediatly. If you get tired, you couldn’t go through all your routine.
“Its like a car that you put gasoline but you forget lubricant oil,”  a specialist compares us. “Earlier or later, the machine will damage!”
This medical appreciation is opposed to varioous gym trainers’ who recommend  not to drink water during your working out. And we prefer to believe in medical doctors.
Let’s remember that sweating is the process throughout our body holds ideal temperature to function correctly – 36°C, in other words.
There are sports beverages those promise you inmediate rehydratation. U.S. consumers’ reports have pointed out they only have to be drunk even provided you had done intense physical activity, because they are carbohydrates-enriched.If you get them and you don’t need them, they’ll be gathered as useless load in your organism.
Another advice they give is you choose uncolored ones, becausse substances those give it could produce another health problems in the long term.

How to rehydratate? |  We already said that water is esential to rehydratate. Although beverages, jueces, fruits and some solid food contain it, they don’t count on your daily amount. Never forget it.
Coming next, some rules you ever must remember.
  • Drink safe water. In Peru, boil it if you get it from pipelines. If you buy it bottled, get news if your supplier hasn’t been filed because of health problems. You’ll lose much liquid if you don’t care about this issue, and all you’ve got could come down.
  • By the way, it’s better you have your own water.
  • Never hydratate using cool water or a colder one. The rule is  it is quite colder than air temperature, that we usually name fresh water.
  • If you drink rehydratant beverages, take a while to check out the Nutrition Facts, and realize if it won’t produce another undesirable effects.
  • As you sweat the most, you must drink water the most, especially if you get sick. During the production of this story, we have not found any consensus on the specific quantity you have to drink during the day, and as every organism is an apart universe, ,  it’s beter you ask your doctor about your own case, so you can organize your own hydratation strategy. Probably you must drink a glass of water per hour, then increasing it before working out, during and after it.
  • Don’t wait to be thirsty to drink. Specialists coincide thirst is the alert signal your body sends to say “I’m dehydratating”. Even if you aren’t thirsty, drink water.
  • Although alcoholic drinks contain water, the truth is you have forbidden them (especially if you are taking supplements), because your liver and your kidneys consume  your water reserves so faster for compensating you. Also, alcoholic beverages add big quantity of sugar that brings down any training cycle.
And we said when beginning, water is good inside and outside. We already told you priorly – after working out, take a cold bath to stimulate blood circulation.
In winter, hot water is a temptation not to miss the daily bath, however some medical doctors have suggested it accelerates skin aging.
On this point, remember not to waste water while you take a bath. Only use it to get your body wet and to rinse the soap. But having an open faucett without a reason, waste water you even will need in the future. Promote this behaviour among people you work out with, as well at the gym you attend to.
And as working out generates ful-of-germen environments, before handling something to the mouth, wash your hands so good with water and (preferently liquid) soap. A simple 20-second healthy tip that will avoid you lose more water than you require daily.

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