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Turn it on green


How to take some Nature and distress at home by reusing trash.


By ChulucanasGym


The countryside is an ideal space for an athlete. But when it is impossible to get there, why not bringing it inside your home? Photo by Nelson Peñaherrera C / © FACTORTIERRA.NET. Model: Alfredo Rivera.


Small spaces, much trash. Today’s life trend brought us to live in very small spaces and few spare time brought us to depend on plastic, that increase our stress levels.

We also work out in a hurry, or just we can go to work out. That frustrates us a lot.

However, it is possible changing this dificulty and using the few spare time as a relaxation therapy what allows us to take advantage of little surfaces we have as much as possible, what we reduce as much as possible the trash that could cause us even diseases, plus –in addition- what allows us to save money.

Sullana, Peru-based GEMA RS’s engineer Iván Mazo proposes us three interesting, funny and healthy  projects based on do-it-yourself classic concept.


Kindly tomato

The tomato is a repent plant what means it expands over the soil without a specific pattern. But what would happen if we hang it?

Actually, tomato plant has some aesthetic that can be decoration of your home’s largest  spaces like the living room.

Needed: a big plastic bottle of water or oil, compost, tomato seeds.

Cut the bottle along its height, open little holes on its surface, fill it with compost, seed the tomato seeds, get it wet. Hang the bottle now turned into a plant case.using any artistic rope.

Few time later, tomato branches will appear within the holes and gravity will attract them to the soil. Tomato is now a decorative plant, that when producing will give you fruits those help you when needing to prepare a salad or eating something healthy.


Hang your  mycrogarden

What happen if you do not have space over the soil to have your garden or your orchard? Simple! Use the wall. Yes, the wal.

Needed: soda plastic big bottles,compost, diverse seeds, rope or thin iron thread.

First, we have to know the height of the wall to intervene for knowing how many bottles we are going to use. Cut them along their height, put them compost, keepn sure to open little holes on lower part of the bottle, join them using the rope or the iron thread like rescue stairs. Seed in the upper level the plants those need more water, and in every lower level the plants those need less water. We suggest you get some advice from a specialist to know this aspect. Hang it and that’s it!

Mechanics is simple: irrigate upper level, so the lower levels get irrigated by filtration from upper level.

The idea is you seed a different species in every level so you get diversity.

Obviously, you can use it to have a nice garden or aan orchand.


Potato bag

Peru’s nutritional contribution to the world not only grows up at the Andes but your home –supposing you do not live at the Andes- and in a healthy way. Remember that the potato is source of protein and carbohydrates.

Needed: a vegetal fiber bag, a potato, compost.

Basically fill the bag with compost, seed the potato, get it wet, wait for its vegetative cycle. In normal conditions, for every potato you seed, you have to get another ten.

Do not forget that boiled potato water is an excellent tonic to prevent or treat kidney inflamation.


In conclusion, an empty wall can be the space for your creativity and love for Nature to explode. Just do it! Photo by Nelson Peñaherrera C / © FACTORTIERRA.NET. Model: Alfredo Rivera.


A simple action – a huge impact

Now imagine having the three projects at home.  Do not seem to you a different way to use the space. To give another life to the trash, to use your time better, to care the environment?

In fact, the first impact will be sending less trash to the city’s dumpor avoiding our rural and urban spaces get contaminated unnecessarily.


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