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From hobby to local title

How did Mister Sullana 2016 get the triumph?

By ChulucanasGym. Photos by Javier Velasco for El Regional de Piura.

How many years can you take since you decide working out consciousnessly until you get a significant goal? Kevin ericson Cano took nine years since the moment he came into the gymwhen he just was 15.
“Then I was 65 kg, I was too thin,” he remembers. “A friend paid me the class and the trainer said I could be bigger.”

In the beginning, Kevin wasn’t so serious about it, just having it as a hobby. But when he saw how his body muscled, he changed his mind.

“This is my passion today,” he states. “This is what I like.”
- What’s your attitude today?
- Demanding myself more everyday to have my muscles bigger.
- How do you get motivated?
- Training everyday and seeing results, this is a healthy sport because it implies discipline.
Kevin says he consumes supplements as part of his plan, inclusive he sells them for fundraising his training and feeding.

“Supplements give proteins because the diet alone couldn’t supply yet, also the muscles need supplements,” he explains. “Otherwise said, vitamins for recuperation and growing around.”

Today, Kevin is 24 years old, 170 cm height, 85 kg, according to his official record. Coming himself over was not easy - he had his times of doubt but he realised everytime he failed, he had to bring himself up.
“But it only costed me in the beginning, now it’s a lifestyle,” he says.

- What was the hard part?
- The hardest was the diet living in Peruvian Northern. Imagine dismissing to eat tasty food because they don’t supply the nutrients what the body needs, in the other hand, the daily working out, not drinking alcohol, not being awake overnight wwas not difficult to me.

- Do you live expectant of the weighing machine?
- I’m not obsessed about counting calories neither but I do care my regular feeding.
On November 5th, 2016, nine years of training and caring had their first significant goal: Kevin had been declared Mister Sullana’s absolute champion. The next one will be to participate in Mister Piura, scheduled for March 2017.

“My goal is becoming Mister Peru but I have to invest more in diet and working out more,” he assures.
For the moment, the inmediate is fundraising.

“I get funds by giving classes at Cuerpo en Línea Gym where I’m the trainer, plus the gains by selling supplements.” In that sense, Kevin is in contact to a related firm but the things are not so sure. Actually he estimates he will have to double the investing for the national championship than today’s.
Meanwhile, he tries not to miss discipline in his daily life.

“I wake up at 5in the morning, I work at the gym until 1 in the afternoon, I rest until 3 and get back to work until 10 at night, then I sleep.”

He doesn’t’ lose attitude neither.
“Practicing sports keeps me healthy, makes me happy, because I feel agreed for my results,” he points out.

Post-produced by Sheyla Benavente.

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