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The reasons of Ronald Saavedra

I gained less than I invested, I got a debt too, but… it was worthy, he states.

By Nelson Peñaherrera. Photos from Ronald Saavedra’s Archives.

Ronald Saavedra is a dude who born in Sullana, Peru, on February 21st, 1993. Last November 5th, he conquered his first big summit: the first place in Young Cathegory at Mister Sullana 2016 contest, also the first ribbon in his

Despite those repeating ‘firsts’, I think he has not been granted as much as he hard-worked.
The problem is this is not the first case neither. It’s the repeating story in every person who wants to do an outstanding career in sports (and every human activity, for instance)and finds a outrageous support lack.

However, Ronald doesn’t feel concerned about that anyway, so he displays too much self-steem to put the urgency of a sponsorship for his life and –what he calls- passion in a second place and to have my uncomfortable questions, which in some sense, face me to recognize myself as a full-idealism guy and motivated to go higher than the highest the human being had reached.

- What’s your height, what was your initial weight?
- I’m 1.69 meters, I was 55 kg when I began to go to the gym.

- What’s your actual weight?
- I’m already 70 kg.

- How long had you been that weight?
- Three months ago, because I was 68 before.

- When you began to work out for Mister Sullana.
- Yep.

- You told me you began to work out three years ago, when you were around 20. What did you motivated to start?
- I simply saw myself on the mirror and I said myself I wanted to be bolder, muscled, because I saw others in very good shape on TV.

- Who oters?
- Arnold [Schwarzzenegger]in bodybuilding and Jeff Seid in fitness.

- Why did you think you had looked like the guys on the TV?
- I wanted a better look than them, I was motivated of how they got what they proposed and worked out hard for reaching it.

- How was your first day?
- I was amazed seeing those guys working out hard, lifting much weight, getting their goals.

- Could you say that was your first motivation or you already went motivated?
- Indeed, I’m motivated about the whole people who propose anything and get it, even in issues out of the gym issue – seeing people who work hard to get what they want. Actually, everyone goes motivated to be what everyone likes.

- That means you wwent pretty alone to your first gym day.
- Yes, I did. I actually went with some friends some days later. As the time went on, I already began to work out with my friend, the trainer Kevin Cano.

- Who pushed you to enter Mister Sullana?
- My friend Kevin Cano was who convinced me. He said if I worked out heavy, I could win due to my good body’s genetics and aesthetics. “Go, get prepared, work out hard,” He said me.

- So if Kevin had not said you anything, you never got in.
- The truth is I didn’t want because the preparation is expensive, so I decided to get in with I had, until I got as good.

- You don’t know how much I really wanted to, but, right… I think I didn’t enter because of the expenses.

- How did you fundraise your preparation?
- I invested the few I had in my feeding and supplements. Itt wasn’t enough but it was what I could cover.

- How much are we talking about?
- More than about 600 dollars.

- Are they your savings?
- Yes, of course.

- Did you work anything?
- I worked but I left it out for a good preparation.

- What about the rest of your budget?
- Nothing. I got zero, so Ihad to lend  something.

- How much did you lend?
- Mmm. About 85, I guess.

- How much did you win from Mister Sullana’s prize?
- I wan about 150.

- So, covering debt and initial income, hwe have a 450-dollar hole, and you quit your job too. Was it worthy?
- I think it was, actually. What I care is winning. Money goes and comes. We know that.  I learned what I went to. It’s my passion. The prize here is a few but the important is winning.

- But the investing cost doesn’t compensate the gain. It’s a lose. What will you do now?
- I’ll follow working again to cover  the expenses.

- You got a 450-dollar deficit and you are going to generate new expenses in your training process, also.
- [Laughs] Yeah. But that debtis paid by some jobs I got.

- It’s a debt with yourself.
- Something like that… It could be.

- Do you have any sponsor that had offered you some supporting?
- No one has sponsored us.

- Why do you want to be a police officer?
- I’m thinking good about being a police officer or working hard to launch my own business.

- And would you leave your empty cash-machine just by your passion?
- [Laughs] I truly wont. That’s not fair so!

- I relief. You were scared me. I understand that the point isn’t about the Money but the goal. But I couldn’t leave without a penny by my passion, journalism in this case.
- [Laughs]

- Ronald, by heart, I have really enjoyed interviewing you. I admire your audacity, and I truly congratulate you about the title. It’s the less deserved by so much sacrifice.
- Thanks very much. Thank you.

- OK, for the end. I think to publish this interview And I figure out you have to say something to the people for supporting. There are few like you who sweat the shirt, although they leave a 450-dollar hole. [Laughs] So, what do you want to request to our followers?
- [Laughs] Yes! Isnpt it…? You know, just propose your things. Everything can be with effort and dedication. Everything is in your mind. Don’t be defeated by anything. Bring you up, continue fighting. Every effort has its reward.

If you are interested in supporting Ronald, you can contact him to his Facebook account.

Post-produced by Sheyla Benavente.

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