domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

How to get calm?

If you're worry about anything, this exercise can't fail to diminish that sensation.

By Christian Palacios.

You must do all this exercise closing down your eyes:
1. You can lay down and put your hands over your abs, breathing slow but deep bringing the air until the stomach, feeling your hands to rise.
2. While breathing, you must get focused about how the air go in and out your nose - pay all your attention on your nose's tip.
3. After you have your breathing already dominated, hold your bold finger folding it with all your hand, pressing it softly.
4 Five minutes later, take your forefinger, fol it with your hand and press. 
5. Repeat the same steps with your other and, then return to your first hand, so alternating both.
That wuill relief your worriness sensation.

Christian is an energy therapist. You can meet him here.

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