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Fit to save lives

Looking for perfection in sports to serve the people owing nothing in return.

By ChulucanasGym

Many people, even you, could transcend through the sports as a goal, what means to be prepared consciously, compete and win.  However, there are who set up to perfectionate in a sport for stepping ahead different but no more no less important - helping the people. And we're not talking about teaching a sport or discipline for the rest to practice and spread, butserve the community after making the sport as one of your ways of life.

That's the case of Lima-based businessman David Villanueva, 44, who used to be a sportsman his whole life, becoming a soccer player in a second division team even. The gym became an usual space for him, that he also looked for it everytime he traveled around. 

 "I do it because I like it," he explains trying to give a reason that motivates him to be in constant physical activity.

But the issue goes beyond a simple like. Last months, his whole vision of life changed when he decided to postulate in Peru's Volunteer Firefighters General Corps, one of the most loved, misunderstood and sometimes mistreated institutions in the country.

"The firefighter's job is saving lives," he comments, so the training that David had along his life (cardiovascular, specifically) is key in terms of stamina and power, what is under proof during rescues.

Each firefighter must incorporate a physical routine activity in addition to the theoretical learning, that allows to be eveready everytime the emergency breaks. In David's case, there are no limits about routine types more than being in constant physical activity.

Why does a very talented,skillful dude suddenly fall fascinated  by the chance to serve the people? The most approppriate answer is vocation, what means the will to do what we like much for getting the people's wellness, owing nothing in return but the satisfaction of feeling useful.

Many people look for that state in proffessional, religious life as well because the simple propose to transcend, go beyond. Some sportsmen use to do it through charity, giving their gains for the people to live better in other words (and there are hundreds of examples). 

But David's goes in a closer, more practical way impacting directly the people's life - saving each one at a time. Hey! This is not about the way David acts to be better or worst but it can be a choice you could consider to make sense for those hours you worked out hard, sweated, disciplined and achieved. 

"It's not easy because you even have to sacrifice time as you spend with your family, weekends, parties or friends," David stresses, and it's part of the whole kit you accept enthusiastic, especially if we have in mind that the firefighters in Peru are not remmunerated for their work (that's why they're volunteers).

If you go up through that way, talk directly to David, look for information at 127 Salamanca station or the fire station closer to you.

Oh! And never forget to have the emergency number available to use it when a real emergency breaks.

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