domingo, 25 de junio de 2017

Let's Return To Nature

By Ronald Benites

There is a place where all the effort and sacrifice we display at the gym is tested - the natural mean, outdoors, right there where electtricity and technology are limited use, where we are among the Creation.

Very few of us remember, or want to remember, that much before wireless and smartphones existed, human beings had to be in-shape for going amid the forests, the mountains, and the water, looking for our livelihood. It was necessary to be well fed but also having strong and flexible muscles for moving forward fastly, sagaciously, successfully. Despite it, surviving was impossible.

Inclusive when we were setting down as human settlements as towns or first cities, constant physical activity was basic to sustain our life.

As our knowledge allowed the technology developed muchly, we also were losing the connection to tat mean where we encourage or were encouraged to survive. In some sense, the confort of a roof or the immediacy of a click have been taking off our ancestral spaces, and altough we try to recreate few yards away our homes or inside them, it's not the same.

So, for who works out hard constantly at the gym or a sportscenter, the return to Nature must not be considered as an extravagant but necessary activity, not like an extraordinary milestone but a frequent habit.

The reason is so simple as the contact to Nature revitalize us when breathing pure air, forcing to be in constant physical activity, solving our lacks with creativity, getting amazed by the processes and interactions of living beings to the landscape... because we came from there and we have to return there as often as we can for cleaning our soul.

We could say that unfortunately our urban spaces drown our natural spaces much more everytime, but we are responsible in some sense about that process when we refuse to propose an ordered growing and a more rational exploitation of the environment, and the manner we live.

So it's desirable that we must incorporate the respect and conservation of our natural spaces where we can intervene preventively for our physical, mental, and even spiritual health, also demanding our basic services to be correctly implemented and satisfied. Spaces where we can practice physical activity and sports, meditate, produce healthy food, and even follow therapies of diverse kind too.

Our actual or aspirant authorities have there a straight interesting agenda item they must not skip but promoting, managing and defending.

Personally, I enjoy a lot being in contact to Nature. I feel I clean my soul, and there are fortunately many spaces around Chulucanas, my city, where I can reload myself after going some minutes up by walking, running, or biking (actually, the pictures of myself on this article were taken in this place).

But I confess  I have a big predilection by the mountains, abouth those I am going to feel ever wondered.  You know. Maybe become living there some day further, eating tasty and healthy, working out my body and soul while listening to the animals or the creeks' water in the background... in the end, returning to that space where the human learned once upon a time to be human.

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