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Aerobics at the beach

Having so much free space and the sea in the background, why not moving your body?

By ChulucanasGym

During many time, El Toril Beach in Paita, peru, was abandoned. Adding the belonging contamination of the sand due to the solid residues, the sea in front of it has been suffering from a similar process caused by waste water emission.

The Peruvian authorities took control of the second one and started a surveillance plan that allowed to identify the companies uncontrolling  their emissions to prevent or to penalize just in case. The first one implied a citizen movement  which was joined later by the local authorities, until in the last years many cleaning journeys were hold for letting the space in acceptable conditions, at least for taking a sunbath.

El Toril Beach is attended by sports fans because it's next to Paita City, having the sea right there. People jogging, playing ball, working out someway, even swimming, meet there daily. 

For Perfect Body Gym's senior trainer Félix Oviedo, the beach is an ideal place to get balance within physical and mental health by moving the body. That's why he and his staff chose it as the right stage for  having an aerobics master class, last December 2nd.

During three hours, around 40 people summoned to learn with trainers coming from  cities around Paita.  "What we wanted was the people to take the stress away, burning fat, and enjoying the beach," Oviedo commented to ChulucanasGym.

Doing aerobics outdoors is not new but funny indeed. And it's not new because the humankind, inclusive since before it evolved such,  was in constant movement and needed agility and stamina  for moving around and getting everything  it required.

Essentially, the aerobic exercise consists into a series of moderate-impact moves with high repetitions, what inside the body, uses the oxygen to decompose the fat among the muscles, having it as fuel.

As a result, the internal and external tone of the tissues improves, heart beating regulates, cognitive capability increases, aging slows down in every level. and in a country with high levels of violence, it reduces  the stress  and  raises the wellbeing sensation.

By definition, running, biking, swimming, walking, and even doing home chores vigorously, are types of aerobic exercise. What is done at a gym class is spotting  the work on certain muscular groups, or along the body, controlling sequence and repetitions.

For the people trying to lose weight, the aerobic exercise is ideal because of the same in-muscle fat elimination process, what is good news for the ones ripping them, what means staying lean, that improves aesthetics. Remember you could have volume, but if it has no defined shape, won't look like well.

It's good to enlarge the fact of improving the heart beating in a big part because it makes the existent vessels wider, what reduces the heart work inclusive when you rest. Also, it holds away  the LDL-cholesterol (the bad one) and triglicerides, very related to hypertension.

Plus, it makes the vascularization more efficient, allowing  the blod to reach the parts of your body  where it made so difficult before.

If the exercise in general puts the body under  a constant renovation process, the aerobics are notable because  allows to regenerate the neurones,  your nervous cells.  And that is the explanation of improving  your cognitive levels, adding of course habits like reading , the academic study, and the memory games even.

And if this seems little, it decreases the adrenaline levels,  the stress-related hormone, increasing endorphines instead, the hormones  those give us the sensation of satisfaction.

Don't forget the aerobics improve the breathing, what increases stamina, so it allows to support the physical work for better.

If we add to all this the fact of practicing it outdoors, preferently natural, we see the benefit multiplies, and that is the intention of Félix Oviedo and  the Perfect Body staff who got involved into the beach activity.

"This is the sixth time we already do aerobics at the beach," he adds.

If you want to know when his next activity will take, you can follow him on his Facebook fanpage.

Finally, you must know that the World Health Organization recommends at least  30 minutes of daily physical activity someway, or 15 minutes per day  in intense mode at least, and before attending an aerobics class,  visit your most reliable cardiologist for determining your perfect time and rythm for you by an effort test.

So, let's go to the beach for working out?

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