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A medicine called rythm

Why shouldn’t just a dance morning be… just a dance morning?

By ChulucanasGym. Photos Courtesy Fuerza de la Juventud.

Last July 10th, a Group of boys and girls called Fuerza de la Juventud (Youth Power) summoned Piura City’s population to spend dancing in the  morning .

Their objective was to get the people involved into a healthy activity but they didn’t go deep more reasons. However, they got 50 men and women joined the idea. They also got Bodytech accepts to monitor it.

That’s the possitive, but we believe that Fuerza de la Juventud responsed much by spontaneity for ‘doing something’, according to one of its spokesman talked to us, before articulating a possibly beneficial project for a population with high levels of heart disease, diabetes, overweight, depression and anxiety.
In fact, since they joined, they follow isolated initiatives muchly fed by entusiasm –what it’s not bad- instead of strategic planning.

But, as they are a group just stepping on, they can adjust , correct and take ideas, specializing in some in particular. And dance is one of the best  they could have and they should continue in an articulated, plannedd way, with sequential goals… as dance and the whole physical activity are by definition.

Teaches, avoids, heals
Physically, diverse works take care to separate pedagogical, preventive and therapeutic aspects of dance.
Although the human being usually can move by reflexes, dance allows to organize them for make them a rhythm. This means to coordinate the ear and the muscles, eventually the eye too. When we program our reflexes to make rhythm, we develop auditive and space memory and muscles become more flexible for responsing better the next time they are stimulated to move in one or many determined directions.

Preventively, dance implies to sweat, that releases toxines. But few people realize the movement rregulates blood circulation and impacts possitively on all fluids of our body. In consequence, it reduces or controls heart conditions, improves breathing, corrects position, avoids or reduces hurts in muscles and articulations, regenerates the skin much fastly, and slows down the aging.

So, ever you have medical supervision, once those diseases have appeared, dance has shown to be a favorable therapy for recovering processes even the degenerative ones, as Parkinson’s disease.
“It helps to improve breathing because of exercises done before and during the dance, like breathing and body warm-up as arms, abs or legs, and some energy focusing exercises, something similar to meditation,” Picsi, Peru-based coach German Aguirre stresses.

An integrative activity
If physical benefits are significant, mental benefits are the equal. Since dancing is a learning process, each achieve you get contributes with much confidence, and that strengthen your self-steem. Regarding, this also implies to know better your body and its responses, what impacts on loving you more, appreciating you more.
Starting up here, when you focus your brain on dancing well, you bring it upgrade, keeping you far from any mental condition, depression especially, it doesn’t matter a diagnosis neither risky factors leading you to it. The same for anxiety.

And when dancing comes from an individual experience to a collective one, as Fuerza de la Juventud set up, and under an adequate monitoring, it improves your social skills and stimulates values as solidarity, fellowship and respect.

“Group dance has too many benefits because the persons, when joining, first have to meet for work well together so, then it helps they know much different things along the time: combined steps, lifts, maneuvers,, coach German Aguirre points on.
That’s why we consider a dancing morning can’t keep just in a spontaneous and isolated activity, but it must response to a frequent program to improve the life and health of each person, and what rebuilds us like a healthy community in body, mind and soul. The challenge is able for the vote.

Post-produced by Sheyla Benavente.

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