domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

White and Black, outdoors

La Unión District continues to bet the rest of sports as communitarian projection activities. On Sunday July 24th, a chess collective match was done, pretending to group until a hundred boards, locate them at a public park and get everybody playing.
It was promoted by Almirante Miguel Grau School in 19 de Agosto town.  It’s not about a chess academy, but the idea was to practice learn and detect possible talents, like it’s already working on table tennis and basketball.
“We know there are many sports, but chess highlights because it helps to improve focusing , helps to prevent Alzheimer’s, works out both brain hemispheres, increases reading skills, and helps to take decissions,” initiative’s responsible David Chunga stated.

“It helps us to develop logic thinking, raise self-steem, and know how to manage the time in a more effective way,” he added.
However, there’s actually an objective reason to bet for chess: six La Unión youngs are representing this district in Piura State competences.
In the other hand, it still seems a good proposal to us for un-soccering and un-volleyballing the state sports offer - we believe it deserves all the support from government and community, but if it doesn’t response to an enhanced plan with real goals and strategies, we believe they will be isolated stones thrown into the pond.
What neded is  to create a big flow which ultimate objective be to create  open preventive and inclusive spaces for people’s physical and mental health.  However, they’re possitive steps as initiatives to be.
Let’s see what’s the next surprise coming out from Lower Piura Valley.

Post-produced by Sheyla Benavente.

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