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How great this boy wants to be

This young soccer player is just 18 years old, 5 feet 3 inches,  121 pounds, already has a story to tell  and a big ideal to chase.

By Cristhian Campoverde Zapata
Special to ChulucanasGym

Since I was a kid, the soccer was my passion. I played with the school I attended to, Sullana's Fe y Alegría 18. My father also played soccer with the school where he attended to, and everybody in my mother's family played soccer too, from my granfather Meche to my cousins. I have two cousins who brought me  to the stadium for watching to play, I learned much from them: Rixir Zapata and Kevin Zapata.

I started to play away my school when I was 8 years old.  Later I went to The Brothers, when the coach Luis Eduardo Tineo Oviedo  assigned me as a left wing, and I was accostuming  that side , which I held even  when I played with Alianza Atlético's sub-16 as a main player.  I was OK during that whole championship.

Then, I was signed up by Milan, a second division team. Our major objective is upgrading it to first division, so we're working so hard for it. The coach Jorge Zapata Távara trusts in me so I don't think to deceipt him. I ever supported the club and I'll ever do it in every match.

I wear the t-shirt number 5 because is a special date to me and I'd like following to wear that.

I ever have liked the sports, since I was a kid. i liked to run a lot and being healthy. I ever have cared about myself. I feed well, I prepare my shakes, I work out in my house and go out running. I like keeping fit, constant activity. I ever like to have a possitive attitude. I like to motivate my mates in every match and give all my best. Every team I have played with, I have acted with sacrifice and empathy. Over all, I never forget about where I come from. I look for being humble and simple.

They started to give me leadership responsibilities when I was still a kid and played with a team in my neighborhood. I became the captain  and we won several matches. The same happened with The Brothers or now with Senati, where  I'm studying Industrial Management. I think Im not moody but everytime I had the responsibility to be the captain,  I performed very well, leading the whole matches.  The coaches trust in me and I'm going to thank that forever and wwhatever the team I play with. 

My goal is becoming a great soccer player, giving all to my family, being an excellent pro. I know I'll achieve step by step by my effort, my inspiration and the support of all fans.

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