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How to make the perfect goal

7 tips from the top scorer Pedro Bautista those never will fail to you.

By ChulucanasGym
Photos by Roberto Saavedra / La República.

pedro Bautista is the most admired and followed soccer player because  he's one of the 2017 season's top goal scorers in the Peruvian Second Division. But, how does he do it? It's not only about having very good muscular reflexes in the legs, or having them well-developed too. There are more playing factors.

That's why  we looked for this Lima-nativeParachique's Defensor La Bocana (Sechura, Peru)forward, who just turned 30 years old, who's 5 feet 9,7 inches, who's 163,1 pounds, and who's recently signed in Nueva Cajamarca, Peru's Unión Comercio first division soccer team, to share us his sport secrets and advising us about. Are you ready? Take note, apply it in your life.

1. enjoy the training:
It's true when Pedro  is preparing for his next match, there are some achieves and tasks to be gotten, those got to be gotten. But if he creates a stressing, agressive environment, the most probable is he feels the training as un uncomfortable duty instead of a nice duty. "It's important working joyful," he affirms. "Things get better that way."

Pedro never forgets the camaraderie  into a collective sport, like soccer, is crucial if he wants to get the best results. "I enhjoy with my team mates everyday, , trying to be a family," he says.

2 Care yourself:
what all sportman shows in public has to be muchly with decisions he takes privately, and for Pedro Bautista they start from two key decisions: "eating healthy, sleeping on time."

Regarding the first, he ever watches his diet to be correctly balanced according to the sport activity he does, or that he needs to correct for reaching the excellence.

The second is something that people uncare often: sleeping all the hours you need to sleep replaces energy and activates progressively the mechanisms for your body to assimilate what you eat, what you work out. If you keep awake overnight, don't wait for prime results. Remember it's suggested 8-10 hours of deep sleeping to reset you up and getting ready for the next day.

3. Think of the one you love much to:
It seems to be a vain romantic advice but it works  actually, and it works better than any booster. Thinking and get inspired of  the person you love much activates a set of hormones inside your body, like serotonines, those will keep you ever good-humored, and higly motivated  to give your best when you work out, or when you start to play on the field, or when you compete on the stage, or show up what you are made of.

It's better to be focused on the everlasting affection, not short. In Pedro's case, that inspiring love is his son's: "The greatest motivation is my baby and it's who leads me to be a better pro everyday."

And remember - there's ever somebody loving you and loving you good. Give yourself the time to meet that person, to enjoy, to learn sharing the quality of every moment, and to turn that energy in your own motivation.

4. Don't believe you're perfect:
A sin we all use to commit is arrogance, more if you're a sportsman, much more if you're a successful sportsman.

Look! One thing is having self-steeme, another one is boasting. The first one ever means I have pretty clear the concept that I have about myself independently what the others think about me. The second one ever means overacting  my possitive qualities as much as I'm not humble to recognize I also have a bad or awful side either (what I have anyway).

"Everyone never ends  to learn in lifetime and I'm ever ready to learn everyday from my partners or coaches," Pedro repeats.

Ever remember that balance in your life is important, especially when it's about self-ranking and self-demanding.

5. Make a goal  is passing straight to the net:
This tip is 100%  created originally by Pedro and consists in figuring out that the net  of the goalkeeping is another of your team mates who you have to pass the ball straight anyway.

Pedro says he uses it as a psychological self-motivation and it ever works him for scoring a goal (did we mention he's one of the best goal scorers of his league?). "Thinking that way I take out the stress when I stay facing the goalkeeping," he trusts us. "Everything's much easy."

Indeed, poor opposite goalkeeper... but, the soccer is so, isn't it?

6. Stay ripping your body after the workout session:
If you're a top-profile sportsman and your physical assets seem to be in full capability, ever remember not all is perfect because human beings are not totally perfect. Pedro knows it very well: "I try to strenghten  [my body] giving it an extra, and beef up what I lack."

So, once your usual workout session ends, don't miss to give some additional minutes to verify and correct those parts or performance that is below the expected.

Of course, don't fall in vigorexia neither. Talk to your trainer or coach about and define  what to do right there where it's really necessary.

7. Live happy doing what you love to do:
Yeah, it looks like a manthra, and actually it is. Nobody reaches the excellence on the field... if dislikes to do what does! In other words, imagine to do the things you don't like to do - would not be a long, slow suicide?

"I'm very happy because I work in that I love, what's playing soccer," Pedro remembers.  "All the people doing the things they love to have a good performance in what they do," he adds.

Remember that it's not the same accomplishing a uncomforting duty for you than acomplishing a kindly, satisfaying duty for you. Nobody won't tell you how to make a difference if you  don't know yourself, don't be exigent to yourself,  don't test yourself, don't be conscius about the talent you've got.

And when is the best moment to start? Well, right now!

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