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Thanks! An athlete must be good in discipline, must form a possitive attitude too.

By ChulucanasGym
Model and photographs by Ronald Benites.

One of the problems many athletes face is the anonimity because they have no clarity on a personal branding-&-publicity strategy, because they don't get to catch the attention of mass media as well. And when you are not public, who will be following about the things you do and get?

If you are in that bunch, your choices are discouraging or continuing to fight.  If you choose the second one, you can do it from the resentment -attitude that the most adopt wrongly- or you can do it from the enthusiasm itself; from the conviction you are superating your own limits, you can break the records as well.

How much does this count in an athlete? It has much to count, because as much as how you go educating and displaying your attitude, that much you will know  to asume your results and setting new challenges. If you ever keep possitive, the victories and the defeats will mean learning. If you trend to be negative instead, everything wwill generate you anxiety and you will live in a constant frustration status.

Of course your possé has much to count in the formation of a possitive or a negative attitude, and you must have the sufficient intelligence in that sense for realising when that pulls you, when that harms you. Depending on the answer, you must be too brave to step ahead or stop in your spot.

Coming next, some advice you can apply for creating a possitive attitude, based upon the experience of many peoplelike you, living with and within the sport, and who can superate through this.

Being Kind Is Free
They say the two expressions those open doors are "please" and "thanks" ("push" and "pull" are not)., and this is the key of your whole success - the respect. As much as you treat well to the people, the people will treat you well... or the most, at least.

The ameability is the skill you get to have your life well-mannered, with affection, deserving the care of the rest. Although being kindis remembered in the same level than being rude, the ameability presets favorabily the people for listening to you and helping you in what you need. Inclusive if the person doesn't have the capability of solving your problem turning it under control, be sure that your good treatment could commit that person to allow you for finding  and answer, a solution, or simply for that person does you that favor  you need in the best possible way.

Being kind also attracts the people and puts the spotlight on you. And as an athlete, one of the things you must be more focused about is the support , being just cheers, being to get a little different complex things as a sponsorship. It also allows you to have certain concessions in services you use to take. An athlete ever causes admiration, but a kind athlete  will be ever the person whom everybody will want to suport what they can.

And ever and forever, do it because you feel is right. The people use to realize, soon or late, when your attitude is real or when it's just a disguise.

Humble But Not Shy
The humility is the own recognizement of everything you are capable, thinking you're not much or less important than the rest. It's simply about how much great you can become, what costed you work to get, not making you haughty, disparaging, or arrogant, what could be its worst opposite edge.

The another negative edge of the humility is the shyness, the feeling you have of not deserving what you have got or the recognizement you receive, what borns from your own insecurity. And this is the keyword of all this advice.

If you shine with your own light (not lended, not stolen), don't fear the rest realizes it. Simply shine.  Don't mistake  turning off that bright because you will regret  in the future, or you will feed  a dumb aprehension against the rest because they don't give you such a space or chance.
The first trick is you learn to love yourself with everything you have for better or for worst, for recognizing you can improve the good and correct the bad, and feeling proud (not arrogant) for every task you are getting.

Do you remember of saying thanks? If they recognize it, thank it, don't get focused out of yourself, chase your next goal.  And when you get it, repeat the procedure. And this advice applies too for social media, no matter how many followers you got (what is relative) , telling them what you're achieving, thanking when the people appreciate it feeds your soul and prepares your body to step ahead much gladly.

If the people don't recognize it to you, take it easy, analyze if it's about a hard critic or simple envy. Anyway, don't let that disencourage you. Turn it into a fuel to go to the infinite and beyond.

Your Privacy Has Limits
everybody highlighting everything public, sports inclusive, could generate restlessness and curiosity. Its natural and even legitimate.  The question is how longer those restlessness and curiosity can reach. Answer: Until you allow it.

Set up access rings and deserve the people with access priviledges to your life according to the trust grade you go developing with them: the intimate, that only matters you, the private, that usually counts on your inner possé, the public, that can be known by the rest.

Never mistake letting a circle invading anoter one because when you lose control of the access, neither yourself will realize what belongs whose, when too. Yes, you'll end so confused like that.

Don't give your full trust to the people approaching to you. In some sense, first study them carefully. If possible, request for reliable references to the people who proved a more objective vision, and go slow on those lands. Just the same applies for social media.

Your Possé Has Not To Be Toxic
Talking about the people around you, a mistake we use to make is interacting with people who feed our ego so much, that  when we meet wisest people, we think they are attacking on us. In the other side, we have the people who seem to give us an Algebra or Aritmethics books - problems after problems.

Have the enough clarity to detect when your possés begin to become toxic, poisonous, polluting. When things are not clear for you, have the courage for requesting somebody trustable (not toxic) for helping you to see the situation, not to solve the problem on behalf of you.

The healthy thing in those cases is leaving out the toxic possés and migrate to others  which you can grow in a  balanced way. It will be difficult, but remember you  made to going the difficult back, so it has much to to with courage for taking a radical decision.

That applies not only to people but environment. If you can leave them behind, it would be the recommendable. if not, setting them up as much as  you have a quiet place to rest, at least. The same with your social media.

Goals Take Time
everybody repeats it to you, but it's also true that everybody looks for this to get short as much as possible, and the mistake is right there. In the effort to made everything more inmediate, many people end to skip steps, harming them long-term that can destroy, inclusive, their own life.

Use to step at time and standing up firm when you get it. Then step next. Although the temptation to skip is present everytime, even you can, it's better to go step by step.

Obviously, this means to invest time overall, but the virtue of every athlete is the perseverance, get focused on something until reaching it. Check out back what we put about humility, just in case.

Here is good to remember the power of Not once proving that, in fact, the idea or the proposal  is not the best one. Yes, you'll have to develop your skill to analyze the things cold head. It doesn't get inmediatly, neither, and it's possible you mistake in the beginning. Do it because the mistakes teach too, or the mistakes especially teach instead.

If you heard somebody advising you (especially your parents) to have in mind something additional to the sport, consider it. Remember tat even if you are exclusively dedicated to it, the sport has a limited life among your whole life, and what will you do when that moment comes on?

Many athletes have one or more additional proffessions, those practice paralelly or once  their cycle has finished. Inclusive, if you thought to open your own academy, gymnasium, or training school, don't you think it would be useful to have some managing or accountability course?

It's recommendable you be a proffessional in the sport you do, and actually many federations worldwide offer official courses and certifications  those give you more weight... proffessional, we mean. Also, it's not a bad idea to make an alliance with with some university or institute for creating extension courses targetting the same purpose.

Now, if your choices are out the sports field, prepare for them so  if you have to assume them, you do  with the required competence. Look! Puting on your resumé you're a qualified athlete, raise scores. We promise it.

Healthy Body In Healthy Mind
Yes, we know the quote is in reverse, but this variant also applies in the formation of your attitude. Because it's not only about reaching an outstanding physique but that goes aside with emotions management, solving your problems adequatly, learning to get related with the persons possitively, and -why not- setting free of prejudge (anticipated ideas) or stereotypes (tagging the people without knowing them).

A big part of your physical performance depends on how much you have your mind prepared. When one of them is unbalanced, unbalances everything.
Your mental work passes not only by receiving a adequate and specialized proffessional advice (a psychologist, sports-specialized if possible), but you take the necessary time for going to work out your mind through  neuroprogramming or meditation. Some people will prefer to trust in the power of the pray, what also allows you  to project toward a spiritual dimension. Do it because it also works.

The reading or doing other productive hobbies will also help you to gro up your mind and acquire new knowledge you can add into the practice of your sport or discipline. Ultimately, it's not only about to be skillful but wise.

You Lose If Stressed
As a next consequence, learn to detect when your stress level raises much than it doesn't affect mentally only, phisically too. And if it affects you physically, your performance could fall down. However, learn to work under pressure. That's why the most experienced athletes themselves advice you to dedicate to the sport you like much for you can process those stress levels in a possitive way, avoiding you to disencourage, what could be awful.

Laugh, sing, dance. Make something that take you out the stress zone, that sets your mind free, so being easy to retake the focusing when needed, and learn that your resting times are to rest.

Your Opinion Matters... And Inspires!
everything you learn in your training, competition process, and in general everything around your athlete' life can be an interesting life leson going beyond the sports. Don't miss the chance to share that learning with the people, especially the new generations, who are ever looking for a model to follow.

In the same way, we remind you not to miss the chance for using the media to share that wisdom. Although they could be interested on the number of medals or your next sports event, don't fear to add something new to your statements that generates top stories. If you have any regarding doubt, contact us for advicing you.

If you are identified to any social cause, don't doubt to give it time and put your image, incorporating your experience as an athlete for getting more people to adopt possitive attitude. From washing the hands correctly to campaigns against bullying and discrimination, a cause is ever waiting for you to empower.

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