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Pranayama - The Health In Your Breath

By Christian Palacios (also photos)

We live in shaking times. everything has been accelerated with the technology and the people sees affected by psychosomatic unbalances much everytime, like the stress and the anxiety.

The yoga is a millenial science that incorporates the practice of pranayamas (breath exercises)  and the meditation as part of a process that allows to activate the healing processes of our body, for reaching an optimal health sstate, the balance of our mind, and a calm state that leads us to the harmony with ourselves and everything around us.

The practices of pranayama allow us to get a better oxygenation of the blood. All components of the body require oxygen for its optimal function and because of pranayama we can balance the chemical processes happening inside ours.

The pranayama exercises allow us to reach a longer, deeper breath, which reflexes into a major oxygenation  and increasing of blood circulation.

Benefits Of Pranayama Practice
  • Provides you more energy and vitality.
  • Helps to disintoxicate the blood.
  • Improves the circulation.
  • Strengthen the inmunologic system.
  • Helps to clean lungs.
  • Reduces the depression sensation.
  • Improves the digestive system.
  • Benefits the spine function.
  • Helps to relief thiroid  problems.

According to Dr Thakur Dass, doing pranayama can increase the normal volume of ventilation for ten times without needing workout. The researcher points out the oxygenation creates the energy, generating ATP (adenosynetriphosphate), what delays the cells degeneration, so doing pranayama acts as an anti-oxidant.

Dass affirms that doing pranayama provides the enough quantitty of oxygen to the entire body, and helps to relief breathing system diseases as the bronchitis, the laringitis, the bronchial asthma, helps in case of heart diseases as the thrombosis and allows to control the blood pressure.

It influences on the endocrine system. It helps to relief diseases as the diabetes and helps to improve the condition of kidney diseases.

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Nidra Yoga
This practice  is based on the meditation and encourages the person to get learning to dominate the biological mechanisms of the body from the mind, for having a deep relaxation, that helps to sleep correctly and to avoid problems such as the anxiety and the insomnia.

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