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Why you should fall in love of physical culture

I realized a little time ago many things about the physical culture, things I didn’t know absolutely there were. That’s why the history is important. I’m currently attending to an International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding, the IFBB, course for improving myself as a personal trainer. The IFBB is in over 160 countries, including Peru.

Among the coaches illustrating us with their lessons, is Jorge Montero, an expert in millennial physical culture. I should call this subject as History of Physical Culture, that goes back to the 15th century with the Marcet Rouet’s French School, when the first training center with barbells made of cannon balls was created, and other apparel that we continue to use today, and one of the things I ever confirm in classes is that nothing has been invented about physical culture. There was everything, already.

Now, to my criterion, the physical culture represents a move. The human body is designed to move, to be active, and it’s something to be fundamental in our lives. And a thought comes to my mind from the Father of Physical Culture, Hipolito Triat, that “you have to grow the body and the spirit as well, at the same time, because both are driving, like two horses, to the man” And I ever have it in mind.

For me, the physical culture turned in something fundamental. I do bodybuilding since I was 15 years old. I did mainly because I didn’t feel well being too thin. I was 110 pounds, I was skinny. I have ever fought with my weight. I’m ektomorphe somatotype, badly complicated to gain muscular mass. But I fell in love of the results, of forgetting everything for 45 minutes. It’s because just training demands you much brain capability: you connect through breathing, pushing, pulling. You have no mind for anything else!

It’s already currently a part of my life. I don’t know what I would do not doing physical activity, because I’m not only a weight-lover but everything about physical activity: running, trail, swimming, climbing, extreme sports, obstacles circuit (InkaChallenge, SpartaRace). I like adrenalin and the satisfaction of reaching goals. I think the life’s about that.

Amazing Benefits
  • Anti-aging: I’m 32 years old  but I look like 25. Well, that’s what they say me and  I believe so. Honestly, I feel that age.
  • Inmuniiefficience: Doo you know how many times I get sick through the year? How many times I get cold? Once or twice at the most.
  • More sexual power: My testosterone levels are ever high due to the power workout. This means more vigor, more cardio-vascular exercise when I make love.
  • Exfoliation: My skin is ever clean because when we sweat, we release toxins, and we regenerate tissue later.
  • Happiness: Due to endorphins, serotonins, and other hormones of happiness and pleasure. Surely, all this ggoes combined to agood feeding because it’s the perfect balance.

How should you motivate?
First, think of health andwellbeing words, then, ask how I want to live my old age. We just discussed about that topic in clases, and it’s the fact that the society links the old age term to multiple factors those downgrade our life quality (motor weakness, sarcopenia, and a infinity of deplorable conditions for the human being). So it was currently proved that that all these old-age typical conditions can be eliminated, to reach an age, like 60 years old, active. And believe me, I have seen it and lived it: gentlemen in their 60s lifting the same weight than me. I see them and I see myself later. They’re my pride.

People must think of that, not of losing weight for the summer and forgetting it further. Think of how you want to end your days. And please, that nobody comes to me with the excuse that there’s no time. The day is 24 hours -8 hours sleeping = 16, -8 hours of worktime = 8 hours, and only 45 minutes are enough to train.

Currently there are thousand ways to workout: parks, home professional personal trainers, which must be health generators instead of aesthetics. So, get motivated. Take the first step. That’s how you start, and when you do once, and you realize it’s a spirit matter rather than anything, you’re going to fall in love of the physical culture. And I leavetake with an amazing thought which confirms everything what I say: “You have to strengthen the body health because the dominion of the spirit depends on it.” (Plato: Republic, 597B)

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