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Feeding - A Few Interesting Focus For The Human.

By Ronald benites. Photos by Franco Alburqueque

Even today, feeding issue is one of the critical and few important points what significantly doesn’t have the prime degree of a problematic reality it must have , and consequently it must be solved step by step.

What is feeding?
Feeding is a mechanism that sustains the life of the person who looks for a healthy lifestyle, then conceives possitive benefits suchh as the strengthen of inmunologic system.

Its importance
The person, when making physical activities such as studying, walking, talking and even resting, needs enough energy for doing them. That’s when feeding inserts as a basic core and a trigger to do them.

It’s here where we include sport activity, because accomplished to feeding, sustains effects those hold the best development of the healthy lifestyle, confirming the good-living.
For this pretty huge important topic, we’ll take the next factors :

Social-economic factor: Individuals when focused on their routines forget their feeding topic. They live in a world where their desires’ thinking only exists. In the society, it’s watched that the person is few interested on the own health.

Let’s make a test field! When we go walking out, we see there are many fast-food places around and the individual often attends to, and consequently this situation becomes malnutrition, bringing down the own low performance.

We can add that the economy becomes a critical point when the being focuses of the thinking simply based on the patrimony, taking outside the ownself’s development.

Cultural factor
In this sector, the human trends to have a minimum degree of knowledge and conciousness by himself, but we ask how does the individual get involved for having better food habits?Covering this question, it’s proposed the didactic mechanisms such as learning sessions in schools and institutions as well, committing to the study bunch to accomplish what they proposed. Another point we can add to this question is seeding at home, I seed my healthy lifestyle. This project is made for every person to be the director of his own feeding plan, consuming the organic products he seeds at home.

To finish, I must stress the healthy lifestyle must commit the feeding and physical development as links to break out to live in competition with my own.

Post-produced by Sheyla Benavente.

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