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The power of the bear and the Moon

I learned it to defend myself from who attacked me, I never though how many awards it might granted to me.

Photos and story by Jose Cruz, as he told it to ChulucanasGym

My name’s José Antonio Cruz. I was bor non July 22nd, 1971, in Sullana City, Peru, but when I was 6 months old, I was brought to Lima City.
I began to practice martial arts on September 14th, 1973 with my brother Juan, who passed away later.
We lived and worked at the market almost all the day because when I was 5 years old , my mother sold refreshing water, flavoured snow, Peruvian doughnuts, fried fish, and Peruvian stuffed potatoes. There were many kids smashing us and we had to defend ourselves.

My brother was a martial arts freak. He started to teach me because we never had parents for defending us or for facing alone the troubles breaking out before the youth. And that was why my brother ever said to me: “You ever got to be warned in everything.”
I practiced first shotokan karate. There are many styles in karate, and I practiced that style. I liked because that was the one I was though about since I was a very child.

I think I adopted it as my sport just months later because when you ever are tought about something and you like it, you do it with love, joyful and happiness.
I was one of the persons who highlighted more. I had a very strong speed of legs and arms. I have a very strong speed until now.

When I was 14 years old, I returned to Talara City. I founded there Kumazawa Club, on September 14th, 1987.
Kumazawa is a Japanese word that means “the power of the bear and the Moon.”
Since I began to teach until today, I have 2322 titles accumulated by pupils in regional, national and international events, inside and outside Peru. I have 48 black-belt pupils.
I have 239 diplomas, 4 times International Champion in Ecuador.

I studied Psychology of Sport in Guayaquil, ecuador, and Natural Medicine with a master in Chanchamayo, Peru.
I began with kickboxing On July 22nd, 1993, and u-kickboxing 4 years later. Now, I combine martial arts because all techniques of muay thai are in karate. I combine the technique of kickboxing muay thai to karate and krav maga.

Kumazawa Club headquarters are in Piura City since October 1st, 2004.  I have a extreme training system and a boxing ring. In Sullana, it goes forward everyday, but the bad is the people think everything is easy and free.
Many people wants I get back to Talara because of my goals, my teaching style and my behavior. I’m thinking of the way to open a club.  One month to up.

I teach, explain and give life examples.
A good sportsperson has to be humble, much educated, better everyday. It ever must study, being the best in everything. It’s the difference.
I praise and believe in God. God is the first for me and being a good brother, son, nephew,neighbor, uncle. I was growth-up with respect and humility.

I don’t do things what are going to affect myself later: drinking, smoking, overnights.
I know karate men who first were dedicated to beer and vice.
I never had pills. Everything is natural: my health, my body is firm.

I fight for a better life. I have a juice store, I am a cooker, I do everythin in my life, but good thingsg.
I’m going to have a seminar with a world champion next November, and I want to teach disabled kids for free, because everything is not just receiving, giving either.

The club opens at 8:00 and closes 22:00, available in:
  • Piura Downtown: 597 Cusco st., on the corner with Moquegua St.
  • Sullana Downtown: 583 Callao St., on the corner with Grau St.
Post-produced by Sheyla Benavente.

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